Month: September 2014

Charlotte Cuisine Magazine talks about Salads!


Toss Up
Experience the salad days


While locally grown summer greens and heirloom tomatoes are perfectly paired, salads are also good company in the colder months. But I don’t mean the “all you can eat” salad bars with their over-the-top portions. Making a similar salad at home is easy. Heck, some grocery stores have their own salad bars you can take home with you.

No, a great salad is a well-composed plate of textures and flavors dressed in the barest of vinaigrettes.

One of the most enduring salad favorites is at Frank ManZetti’s. Their Broiled Chicken Salad ($8.95) is a large (almost too large) plate of sliced marinated chicken breast over mixed greens, dotted with heart of palm, white mushrooms, scallions, and chopped tomatoes. My preference for dressing is the blue cheese, but order on the side.Frank ManZetti’s Bar & Grill, 6401 Morrison Boulevard, Specialty Shops on the Park. 704-364-9334