Month: February 2015

What is the Manzetti’s Story?

Shortly after Prohibition ended, Frank Manzetti, known as “Z” to his buddies in the East Side steakhouses, left Manhattan to open his restaurant on the South Jersey shore not far from Atlantic City. While serving a variety of foods, he specialized in steaks and his reputation for thick, juicy cuts with a seared exterior quickly spread in this vacation resort. One fateful day a tourist called Frank out of the kitchen to proclaim, “This steak sure tastes good, but it looks like something I pulled out of the fire at the steel mill where I work in Pittsburgh.” From that day forward, steaks prepared in the Manzetti style became known throughout the Western World, or at least southern New Jersey, as “Pittsburghed” and “Z” Manzetti took on the additional moniker of “Pittsburgh Frank.”


We welcome the chance to continue the tradition.