An old Ad from Manzetti’s

An old Ad from Manzetti's

This Ad was used in magazines around Charlotte.


The Apollonaire article (December 2005)

The Apollonaire

Charlotte on $40 a day


One of Apollonaire’s favorite Food Channel shows is $40 A Day, where Rachel Ray attempts to dine well in a particular city while adhering to the tightly sculpted budget. Just for fun, we tried it in Charlotte and found plenty of good eating without breaking the bank.

We began with breakfast at Eddie’s Place in the Sharon Amity Road strip mall where Hotel Charlotte is located. Eddie’s may not be the fanciest place around, but they serve what are arguably the best omelets in town – the big, fluffy three-egg kind you find at Le Mont St. Michelle in France. There’s a huge choice of fillings, including sausage and liver mush (whatever that is), but we opted for ham, cheese, and mushrooms. The omelette was served with savory hash browns with onion chunks, toast with jam, and a good cup of coffee. All this, with tax and tip, came to $10.90. Best of all, Eddie’s serves breakfast at any time, so you can get an omelette whenever you want. There are also soups, salads, and dinner entrées, including Cajun dishes, as well as lunch specials.

Dean & Deluca at Phillips Place is always a good bet for lunch. Build your own sandwich at the sandwich bar in the middle of the store, where you can choose from a cornucopia of ingredients that include all your favorite meats and cheeses, plus trimmings like cucumber, avocado, and sprouts. There several different kinds of crusty bread, as well as a selection of condiments like chipotle mayonnaise, apricot mustard, and remoulade. We went with Genoa salami, ham, smoked turkey, and Provolone cheese with Romaine lettuce, tomato, black olives, roasted pepper, and olive oil on olive-rosemary bread. Not exactly heart healthy, but a treat nevertheless. With $6.95 for the sandwich and $1.35 for a bottle of Stewart’s peach soda, the tab came to $8.65, including tax. Not bad? Dean & Deluca also has an ample salad bar, handmade sushi, and delicious soups and prepared foods you can eat in or take home.

We’ve already spent nearly $20, leaving $20 for dinner, which could be a problem if it weren’t for Frank Manzetti’s at the Shops on the Park on Morrison Boulevard, across from South Park Mall. Manzetti’s has long been one of the area’s favorite watering holes for Charlotte’s young, upwardly mobile, and it’s usually packed for lunch and dinner every day of the week. Manzetti’s ribs are some of the best we’ve had anywhere, so we focused on a rack of tender, smoky baby backs that literally fell off the bone with the nudge of the fork. Served with a dollop of sweet, savory, slightly spicy sauce on the meat with more on the side, the ribs were accompanied by a salad that was drenched in blue cheese, a croissant, and thick-cut steak fries. Although it put us slightly over budget, we washed it all down with a pint of hoppy Bass Ale. The tab, with tax and tip – $22.15, still not bad. Manzetti’s is also known for its Pittsburgh-style steaks (black outside with a red core}, triple lamb chops, chicken and seafood, pasta, sandwiches, and humongous salads, as well as tasty appetizers and side dishes that include the best creamed spinach anywhere.

So how’d we do? Breakfast at Eddie’s, $10.90; lunch at D & D, $8.65; and dinner at Manzetti’s, $22.15, for a grand total of $41.70. OK, we went a little over budget, but it was worth it.

Manzetti’s was SouthParks Steak Leader

There was never a doubt that  Manzetti’s was the steak leader in SouthPark. Until its last day the steaks at Manzetti’s were not only the best steaks available but were also the best price in town.

Here is a Price Comparison sheet for Steakhouses in the SouthPark area. (10-21-2008) Best Price in town and with a FREE Salad.



The Hudspeth Report from 2006

This was the beginning of the end for Frank Manzetti’s.

‘Tavern’ favorites bound for Charlotte, N. C.

The Tavern at Phipps has long been a tradition in Buckhead. Now, Tavern favorites like the BBQ Tavern chip and Thai Chicken Salad can be found in Charlotte, NC. Frank Manzetti’s Tavern at SouthPark will feature these favorites as well as signature steaks served “Pittsburgh-style,” seafood and salads. Manzetti’s, located at the Specialty Shops on The Park off of Morrison Boulevard in Charlotte, is large and airy with the main dining area beneath the atrium’s skylights. Well known for its appeal as a power lunch spot, Frank Manzettis Tavern at Southpark also draws a healthy after work crowd full of young, upwardly mobile people.

If business or pleasure takes you to the Charlotte area, stop by Frank Manzetti’s Tavern at SouthPark to enjoy some familiar Atlanta favorites. Open for lunch and dinner seven days a week. Visit their website at Recently spotted in Atlanta at The Tavern at Phipps are Scott Weiland (Velvet Revolvers) as he makes a second stop at The Tavern at Phipps prior to a recent concert. Meanwhile, MTV’s The Inferno Star, Mike, dropped by to experience the scene. Black Crowes brothers Rich and Chris Robinson joined Chris’s wife, Kate Hudson, at New York Prime for dinner. Review from 2006

Frank Manzetti’s Bar & Grill
Specialty Shops on the Park
6401 Morrison Blvd. (Roxborough Rd.)
Charlotte, NC 28211


The fresh salmon nachos, Thai chicken nachos and creamed spinach nachos certainly make Frank Manzetti’s a destination of sorts for nachos-lovers. Lines of folks with empty tummies fill up with steaks and chops, sassy baby-back ribs, pasta, seafood and some of the biggest and best burgers in town.